Journey to Santiago

During our journey, walking with Grazia towards the French border, the idea to keep going on occurred into my mind. I already had the thought to go home and walk on the Postumia which starts from Aquileia and arrives to Genoa, but given I really want to keep walking, why not to walk through France to follow the yellow arrows on the most famous path of the world, the journey that every pilgrim did or wants to do?

So I decided, after The way of the Gods and the Francigena now I’m headed towards Santiago of Compostela, and it is now or, maybe, never!

To be honest I’m a little worried about the French part of the journey; I can’t speak French and I don’t know how difficult it is the path, if it’s busy or desert and if there’s enough hospitality. I decided to walk the Santiago path on the run so I could not study everything I wanted ; on the contrary I knew almost everything about the Francigena. I know that the Spanish stretch will be easier although I didn’t have the occasion to search information about it; after all it’s a journey walked by 250,000 people every year and I will also have the luck to walk with someone who already did it just one year ago. Anyway Grazia has all the information I’m missing so we are okay. She had to know everything about a 5.000 kilometers walk…
So I changed some clothes with something warmer, added the sleeping bag and here I am back on the train taking me back to the border where Grazia is taking advantage of a little break; she’s waiting for me and tomorrow we’ll be back on the road again.


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