Journey to Santiago: day 40


Finally we are here, for 10 am we have to enter the square where the Cathedral is and where Grazia will meet the tourism counselor of the City. We could then take it easy but I am already awaken at 6.30 am, later I leave the hotel and reach Grazia and her boyfriend Matteo at theirs and together we go to have breakfast, taking it very easy; the sky is not promising but it’s not raining for now.
We move following the main road which goes down and then turns climbing until it enters the old town on the Rua de San Pedro, full of small shops and bars; it then goes down to join another busy road and on the other side it starts again with another name, only 330 meters are left to walk.


I follow Grazia who knows where to go because she already walked these roads last year and we arrive in front of an arch where, once we are passed, we should see the whole square. Grazia walks barefoot from here with the cell phone in her hands to record live for all of the people home who followed her journey and supported her for the 4 months she has been on the road. 
Few steps and finally we enter the Obradoiro square ; I turn my head to the left and watch the huge cathedral; unfortunately the facade is partly covered by the scaffolding for the renovation but I’m not surprised because this thing is going on since forever.
While I take a look around I see two of Grazia’s friends come to us; they have taken the plane from Lucca and Milan to witness this great moment; obviously Grazia wasn’t expecting this and she’s pleasantly surprised. We take some pictures but then we immediately go looking for the pilgrim’s office to collect our Compostela, seen there’s the possibility to find some queue and Grazia has to meet the counselor soon.


We are lucky after all, after less than 20 minutes we are in front of the offices where the employees give us the parchment and seen we walked a lot we ask for the certificate of distance where they write the place of departure, the date and the kilometers even though they are not sure about some parts of the journey; they probably calculate them with Google maps, I don’t know. Anyway we leave the offices very happy and satisfied, it may only be a piece of paper but the effort to obtain it has been great and personally I would not have gone home without this piece of paper.


We go back to the square for Grazia’s appointment and then finally we go have lunch. It’s done, for real now. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow we will be staying here in Santiago, because Grazia’s boyfriend is here with us together with the two friends Roberta and Samantha and because we both need to rest .


Perhaps we will be visiting Finisterre and Muxia by bus, it would be another small marathon of 30 kilometers per leg by feet and then we would have to get back to Santiago to take the flight home and to be honest I don’t feel guilty at all if I stop here with my feet and use the bus for the last part of the journey. I got here, it’d be silly not to visit these places.


Once I will have collected my ideas I will write some thoughts on everything I walked, lived and seen. Maybe when I will be back home, or after visiting Finisterre or maybe again on the flight back home. In two months, three if we add the Francigena path, I collected so many experiences and with my little contribution I hope to have been able to tell them at my best, perhaps better than I’d tell by voice.


TOTAL STEPS: 1411389



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