Journey to Santiago: day 39

From Pedrouzo to Monte Gozo/Santiago

This morning at the albergue everyone wakes up pretty early, each of them cannot wait to start the last 20 kilometers and enter the square where the Santiago Cathedral is. We get out and immediately stop at the first bar we can find, we need some energy to start the day ; plus yesterday night I didn’t eat too much because I felt sick, but now I’m okay and it’s all good.
We leave the city with some difficulties to find the yellow arrows, but once we are out of the city we find the signals and take a long and dark dirt path between the woods where, without our electric torches, we’d be surely lost.


Once the woods are over we pass between some houses and cross, thanks to an underpass, a highway until we get to a bar where we have another small break. Once we restart the road climbs up a little and at the crack of dawn we understand how many people are walking this last leg today; there were many pilgrims with us the other days, but today it looks like a parade or something.


From here Simona, Cristian and Enrico decide to fasten their pace to reach the cathedral as soon as they can, we will meet again tomorrow anyway, while Chiara decides to walk with us a little more.
The path goes on with ups and downs, we pass near the airport of Lugo/Santiago, where we will be taking the plane back home in few days, and then another ascent takes us to Lavacolla and, before entering Monte Gozo we find the hotel we’d like to stop at.
We say goodbye to the small great Chiara who continues her path alone to Santiago where, alone, she will enjoy her moment when she will enter the square.

In the meanwhile Grazia and I discover that the hotel is sold out so we have to get back on the road; the schedule included to stop 5 kilometers before Santiago to enter the square Saturday morning when there will be less confusion, the day of arrival has already been decided and transmitted since we entered Spain so we cannot anticipate now. 
We keep going stopping at every hotel to ask if they have room for us, unfortunately there is a series of concerts which lasts for 3 days here in Santiago and the hotels are sold out. The albergues are for pilgrims but tonight Grazia’s boyfriend will arrive and he could not sleep in these buildings; to be honest after all this time I’d really love to sleep a couple of nights in an hotel instead of sleeping in dormitories with people snoring all of the time.

Then we get only two kilometers far from the center of Santiago, where we find a single room for me first and then a double room for Grazia and Matteo in another Hotel which is not far from mine.

We are here, just two steps from the destination and it’s very difficult to resist from going and take a peek of the cathedral, but we prefer to do it in style tomorrow and, most of all, to do it together as we did for the past two months. 
Yesterday, at the albergue, I have seen Grazia visibly moved while she was reading on Facebook all the love and support the people, friends and acquaintances are giving to her and the success of her initiative.
For the last month she asked everyone she met to wear a green shirt once they would get to Santiago or these days in general, honoring Pippa Bacca and all the other victims of violence against women, and now she’s having a great harvest. Her Facebook page is full of green color and her cell phone doesn’t stop to get notifications and she is very happy and proud. And I also am proud because I have been her companion in this thing for such a long time.


Steps: 23014

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