Journey to Santiago: day 38

From Rivadiso to O Pedrouzo

We have breakfast at the bar all together and then off we go, Grazia and I leave first and then Chiara who decides to walk with Cristian and then Simona with Enrico; yesterday he got here with an aching ankle so he has to slow down his pace for now.

We soon climb on roads and paths for the first 3 kilometers leading us to Arzua, a rather big city with many bars and albergues; we proceed passing through it to get back on small roads among fields and woods. When, after a long ascent, we stop at a bar for a quick snack, Cristian and Chiara join us and the first 10 kilometers are gone.


From here on the road goes down between woods, chestnuts trees and some village, and in the meanwhile I take my pace and go further from the others. I cross a highway and flank it to get to a bar/restaurant where I stop to wait for the others. By now we are near today’s destination, we will be able to eat something once we will get there and have taken place in the ablergue.
Today, after we passed Arzua , we started to meet many other pilgrims; many started their journey just few days ago, many others are using the taxi service for their backpacks and also many groups of kids. Here in Spain it seems that doing the Santiago Journey adds points to the school report.

We keep going then on the path among the woods which goes down until it crosses the highway again; the path goes on straight to Burgo but we take it on the left to reach Predouzo where, once we get on the main road, on the left we find the albergue. Tonight we finally can use the kitchen and we decide to have pasta with tomatoes, even though I don’t feel very well. I feel cold after the shower and my stomach is sick, so I decide to eat something lighter than pasta but I stay with the others for the company. 
This is the last night we pass all together with the others, maybe we will meet again in Santiago; Grazia and I we will stop 6 kilometers before the cathedral to wait for her boyfriend and to get there on Saturday as we scheduled, the others instead will go on to reach the long awaited destination , everyone on their own with their own emotions.

Steps: 27429


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