Journey to Santiago: day 37

From Ponte Campana to Rivadiso

We have breakfast with coffee, bread, marmalade and then off we go; by now we don’t count the daily amount of kilometers but those which are left to get to Santiago. The first kilometers of the day pass by in the dark, on paths littered by chestnuts, or better, to be honest, during the last 4 days, we often walked under chestnuts trees and today we even find some mushrooms.


Today’s leg is not too long, we already scheduled our steps, so it’s basically useless to exaggerate and then stop for one day or more.


We soon get to the suburbs of Melide proceeding between several ups and downs and some village; it is a small city with 7/8 thousands inhabitants, so basically it has everything we may need, for example the cash machines. While we are here, even though it’s just 10.30 we stop at Ezequiel’s, what seems to be the restaurant where they serve the most amazing “Pulpo alla Galiziana” (Octopus cooked in some Spanish way) . I’d rather not eat that even at lunch, so I decline the invitation. So, while my three lady companions (Grazia, Simona and Chiara) are finally tasting that fabulous recipe they were longing for , I eat a couple of slices of quiche.


We get back on the road, and soon after that we are already getting out of the city on a dirt path which then becomes paved road; we have a quick break to lighten the shoulders from the weight of the backpack and then keep going along tree-lined paths while the sun starts to become hot. The day before yesterday we were chilling to the bones instead. The sun is very welcome but we are climbing so basically we are sweating like crazy.


One more last descent and after an ancient small Roman bridge Simona and I understand that we already are at destination; 3 kilometers further there would be Arzua which is a bigger city with supermarkets and all that stuff but it’s all quiet here and very cozy so we decide to not go further.


By now just few days divide us from our destination and my thoughts cannot avoid to go to next Saturday when we will finally get to the Cathedral of Santiago; I cannot imagine how Grazia would feel seen she’s getting to the end of her long path started in Santa Maria di Leuca. 
She will finish her path but not her battle; she already has conferences and interviews to release and she didn’t even got home yet, but she’s already splitting herself between walking and spreading her message about the violence against women. She’s used to that I believe, but on the other hand she’s tired and I understand her very well when she says that she cannot wait to get on the plane to go back home in Italy.



Steps: 27099


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