Journey to Santiago: day 36

From Gonzar to Ponte Campana

We leave the albergue very early in the morning, because the only bar in the village is still closed, it’s dark but, most of all, it’s foggy and when we start a long climb, the visibility is poor; we can only see that we are following a dirt path with the electric torch but nothing more.
Once we get to the top we turn on the right and start to go down, and with some difficulties we find the yellow arrow which indicates the road thanks to a Japanese guy who’s walking ahead of us. Finally, once the sun is coming out, the visibility gets better.



We walk near the road until we reach O Hospital which anyway remains outside the path; however, at first sight, we understand everything is closed there. We keep going towards Ventas de Naron where we stop for a coffee and a croissant (unfortunately a wrapped one) . The “Napoletana” is very famous here. It’s nothing more than a croissant filled with chocolate: the fresh one is good but the wrapped one tastes like a sponge.

We get back on the road soon, we want to get to destination as soon as possible today to have some time to relax, and we pass through small villages as Limeros, Ligonde and Lestedo, until we get to the first big city, Palas de Rei. 
Here, seen we don’t know when it may happen again, we go to the cash machine and the pharmacy and then proceed for the last 5 kilometers for today. We leave the city taking a small paved road which, in the end, climbs to reach O Coton. The place seems to be nice but today’s destination is just one kilometer ahead and, after a short descending dirt path we get to Ponte Campana. 
We did well to not stop one kilometer before because the albergue here is very nice, cozy, clean and quiet.

It’s so early that we have plenty of time to have shower, to use the washing machine, to eat and rest. And in the meanwhile we wait to know if Simona and Enrico will reach us here and if Cristian will stop here with us or will keep going to reach Melide, ten kilometers ahead. 
In the meanwhile I lay down on the hammock because the sun is still warm.


Steps: 27540


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